Health and Wellness Tourism

Millions of people all over the world visit Thailand,India,Malaysia,Turkey and Brazil every year for medical treatments that come along with other comforts like spiritual retreats and healthy dining.

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Health and wellness tourism refers to when people travel to other countries or cities for any medical treatment and also participates in a tourism programs and can include coming for rehabilitation purposes. Health tourism has been on the rise in recent years with increased awareness about health and mental peace.


Health tourism contributes significantly to the economy of many places and is used extensively by various states and countries so as to attract tourism.


Some very common reasons why people will travel long distances to get health care is the affordability factor and the accessibility factor. According to a Mckinsay Quarterly research from 2008, majority of people who seek medical treatment abroad do so in order to access the most advanced technology followed by better quality for medically necessary procedures. Cosmetic surgery and dental and fertility tourism are often major reasons for opting for health tourism programmes.


The affordability factor works for people who are in need of extensive medical treatment and cannot afford the high costs involved. This is common in developed countries like United States and United Kingdom where a vast majority of the afflicted population manage to make huge savings by going abroad to places like Thailand and India for treatment. As a result, both these two nations contribute a lot to India’s booming health and wellness tourism.



The difference in costs varies with the complexity of treatment required. Often a cost saving of 30% to 50% can be made in general if treatments are made outside the US.


Accessibility to medical procedures and quality care might not be available in some nations which make travelling to specialized institutions a necessity. India attracts thousands of visitors from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh or Afghanistan each year mainly because these countries lack proper healthcare infrastructure. Chennai has become the medical hub of India and attracts lakhs of medical visitors from all over the world. People in many countries want to have access to State of the Art technologies and are not willing to make any compromise when it comes to their health.


Health tourism provides added benefits like visiting tourist attractions in the city. Moreover, wellness tourism offers many unique benefits to people who seek a healthy way of life.


Such tourism programmes are specially crafted and include a wide variety of experiences like spa treatments, fresh garden food, yoga sessions and meditation programs and adventures like kayaking and scuba diving.


Wellness tourism programs offer a welcome break to those who remain in stress throughout the year and can detoxify our mind and body.

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