What’s next? - Guide to life after college

Graduated or in your final semester? Cannot decide what to do next? Do not like the subject you have graduated with? These are some of the numerous problems which students face when they approach graduation.

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Moving out of college and looking for a job you like, can be a daunting task. Maybe you want to work but your qualifications are not enough for the job you want. Maybe you want to pursue further studies and you are not sure how to go about it or what exams to give.

Every year millions of students face the same dilemma. Rarely will you find people who have figured out what they want to do well in advance and following through with those goals. That is because our interests evolve, as we move ahead and figure out more about ourselves and what we like.

A. Do I get a job? – You should definitely try and look for jobs and get placed if you do not wish to go for further studies. The important thing you must look at before deciding is whether you have the knowledge and skill of doing the particular tasks you will be asked to do. It is far more important to have the required understanding and knowledge than getting placed. Even if you work extremely hard at work you might never be able to match the efficiency levels of your peers in the company. Therefore, think hard before plunging into a nine-to-five job.

 Some places you look for jobs to get placed are-

  1. Your college might be having its own placement cell who can assist you with an internship or a job in your field. Campus placements are however not available for every college and vary from course to course.
  2. You can search for jobs on job portals who list the various job vacancies available all over India. They can list job vacancies on the basis of specialization, location, qualifications, company and many more.
  3. Go to the specific websites of the company or organizations you like and you can find a separate careers page. Such pages often list any vacancy they currently have and apply directly to the company. However, companies generally require such candidates to have a few years of experience in a similar job position.

B. Should I go for further studies like post graduate or MBA? – If you like your subject and feel there is much more to learn from it, try applying for post graduate courses. It does not have to be at the same college or university. Such post graduate courses can boost your career prospects if completed at reputed institution and set you up for a well paying job.

Go through the list of reputed institutions that offer post graduate courses in your subject and apply to those places only. You can also try working part-time while studying. This will help you to understand what your eventual work environment can be and what tasks you will be required to perform. You will be able to better prepare yourself for your first job.

No matter what you choose, it is always important to keep yourself updated with the subject and field you choose to dwell in.