How to Survive when your long-term relationship becomes a Long-Distance Relationship

Smart Strategies for surviving when your long-term relationship becomes a Long-Distance Relationship

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  1. Make a Future Plan That Involves Each Other

Whether you want to travel, get married, buy a house, or start a business together, make a plan for what happens after the long distance period and talk about it throughout your long-distance relationship.

Focusing on your future together can give you a whole new perspective on the long-distance part of your relationship.

  1. Check in Every day

You didn’t hassle, stalk, or obsess over each other, but you did do a quick check-in every day. Just a quick check-in helped you feel involved in each other’s lives and reminded you that your other half was thinking about you.

Sometimes your check-in was just a few text messages, while other times it was a long phone call. Getting the balance right on this can be tricky—especially if one partner wants more contact than the other. This issue can really strain the relationship, so also remember to talk regularly about how much you’re talking and how connected (or disconnected) you’re both feeling.

  1. Get Involved in Each Other’s Lives

If you can’t physically get involved, you can do so virtually. This is actually a lot different than just video chatting and sending messages.

Getting involved means meeting each other’s new friends, sharing videos and pictures of your day, and showing your partner around your new home. 

It made you  feel close even though you  were far apart.

  1. Send Gifts

Getting actual mail is exciting. And, if you happen to be in an exotic destination, even more so. Sending gifts made you feel even more connected. And, it felt great to introduce both to a new culture that you was exploring and falling in love with.

  1. Focus on WHY You’re Doing This

If you’ve been in a committed long-term relationship, there’s probably a reason that you’ve decided to do long-distance. And, most likely, it’s a pretty darn good one.

Whatever that reason may be, try to focus on it, talk about it, and keep it in mind when times get rough.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re the one who wants to move make sure to explain these reasons fully to your partner, and listen to how they feel. If you’re the one staying behind, take some time to process and be open and honest about your feelings. It will help you both keep your eye on the prize when you can see what the benefits will be.

If you’ve been together long-term, there’s probably a good reason for it. Don’t let spending some time apart break up your relationship.

Life and relationships are always growing and evolving. Let this long-distance stint just be part of that. Allow it to be a gateway for an even stronger relationship in the future.