About Us


Incorporation and Team
A private company, Hemraj Infocom Private Limited has been incorporated and registered in Kolkata to spearhead all activities of the project; to offer authenticity and credibility of service and operation as well as fulfilling legal requirements for operations and funding.
Management/Executive team is being constituted with clearly defined responsibilities such as Technology, Operations, Marketing and Legal/Financial.
Capital funding onset to fund operations of the company for a period of 2 years with the first year through promoters and second year through private equity/other financial instruments.

Infrastructure & Resources

Registered office / Development Center / Marketing / Operations
Initially, the company will operate from the premises of Hemraj Industries in Kolkata with accounting and administration being managed by shared resources and setting up of a separate development team comprising of Web Developers, UI Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Team, etc.
On significant progress, the company will expand the capital and also the infrastructure as per requirement.
Management and Executive Team
Hemraj Infocom is a private company with the management team lead by Mr. Rishi Agarwal.
The executive functions are as follows:
Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr. Rishi Agarwal
Responsible for all day to day management of the company including admin/funding/marketing and sales/Public relations, etc.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO):
Responsible for all day to day management of the company’s technology aspects such as software development and IT infrastructure.